Pavement Preservation


Pavement Preservation

How we ensure the preservation of pavement in the face of Alaska’s extreme conditions

Asphalt Pavement Sealers

We offer the finetst, cohesive asphalt pavement sealers specifically designed to reduce impact while extending pavement life. We are happy to accommodate various requirements and needs from residential improvements to state projects.

Cold-Mix Asphalt

We manufacture a uniquely stable and lasting Cold-Mix Asphalt most commonly used for road repairs from minor potholes to more intense pavement failure. Our Cold-Mix Asphalt is offered in 2,000 lb. units available for convenient pick-up from our Anchorage or North Pole offices. Please contact us for specific delivery needs outside of these locations.

Crack Sealant

We offer superior crack sealants fit for any project. We have a highway grade crack sealant that meets ASTM D6690 standards, is Type IV, and remains a qualified product for State of Alaska DOT.

For driveways and lots, we offer a crack sealant friendly to direct fire equipment. Crack sealant is sold in boxes, please contact us for pricing based on specific needs.

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