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We have a warm mix additive that also functions as an antistrip that can be added to our Polymer Modified Asphalt Binder. You can use it to lower the temperature in the plant, which saves on energy. You can use it for a compaction aid that can reduce the number of passes of rollers required to get density, which saves on energy.

Our GSB-88 pavement Sealer is Green Circle Certified. To get this certification, a product goes through a rigorous evaluation that ensures minimal environmental impact from mining to application.

Our environmentally sustainable DustClearTM G dust palliative reduces the carbon footprint. It is non-corrosive, no leaching of chemicals into soil or water, no polluting the air with volatile oils, eliminates airborne dust, and reduces gravel loss and sediment runoff. It is energy saving with its binding properties that reduces the amount of applications necessary for performance. This product meets all the environmental toxicity testing requirements required by the State of Alaska DOT&PF.

We have products to help maximize the use and longevity of Recycled Asphalt Pavement (RAP), which is an excellent re-use of materials.

This is an environmental benefit from the aspect of reuse of high dollar pavement materials and also being an economical replacement to gravel surfaces that require more maintenance and energy consumption.