About Us

With 75 years of combined experience and over 30 years of supplying the Alaskan construction industry, Emulsion Products ensures quality products and highly qualified crew for projects completed by government agencies, contractors, business owners, and homeowners.

Leading Our Industry

With facilities in Anchorage and North Pole, Emulsion Products is a lead supplier of liquid asphalt binders and emulsions for paving and surface treatments from Prudhoe Bay to Cordova and beyond.  We also provide products for pavement preservation and repair and dust control of gravel surfaces.

Serving Alaska for over 30 years and with 75 years of combined experience, we will ensure you have the right product for your project.  

Our focus is on customer service, and manufacturing and supplying superior quality products.

We provide consistency in our products because of our experienced quality control team and process that includes in house testing of the asphalt binders in our state of the art lab in Anchorage.

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How We Began

In 1983 the State of Alaska DOT requested an emulsion cold mix for Northway Airport. The founders of Emulsion Products at the time operating under another company made it happen. This led to starting the company in April of 1987.​

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Safety Driven

We care about our employees and the public and hold safety as a top priority. We make changes every year to equipment, practices and training to continue to improve for a safer work environment. We pride ourselves with a safe 11 years running with ZERO lost time incidents!


A Turning Point

The turning point for the company was when Asphalt became available in North Pole. This grew and established the emulsion business in the interior. The Anchorage emulsion facility was built and opened for business in the spring of 1992.


Quality Control

We take pride in ensuring quality products we make and have a rigorous quality control plan. We have our own asphalt binder testing lab to ensure all polymer modified asphalt binders are in project specification.​

Expert Leadership


Megan Stepovich

Assistant General Manager


Brandon McBride

Operations Manager


Sarah Dow

Safety Manager

Stacy Belden

Regional Controller


Nick Kinder

Anchorage Asphalt Binder Facility Manager


Barry Cape

Anchorage Emulsion Facility Manager

Profile Picture

Nate Lawson

North Pole Terminal Manager

Jordan Scott

Jordan Scott

Quality Control and Quality Assurance Manager

Our Values

Creditable Integrity

We are proud to be a local company made up of Alaskans that care about our neighbors. Our integrity is what has carried our company though the first 30 years and we plan for it to carry us through the next 30.

Effective Team Work

In each department, we have well qualified team members who are skilled in their craft. The synergy between our team members and department heads guarantee an efficient system.

Expert Advice

If you have any questions about any of our products or their uses, we have experts on hand to help you make an informed decision.

Quality Assurance

We pride ourselves in our exceptional quality products that we stand behind 100%. We have an integrated quality control system to insure you get an above standard and very consistent product.

We commit to delivering high quality products to our invaluable customers.