Asphalt Paving Products

We supply modified asphalt binders and tack coat to contractors working jobs all over the state. We produce these products at both our North Pole and Anchorage facilities.  We supply a highway crack sealant for very cold temperatures and joint adhesive that meet State of Alaska DOT specifications.

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Liquid Asphalt Binder for Pavement

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We provide liquid asphalt binder to asphalt mix plants around the state, on the road system or off. Our Performance Grade (PG) asphalt binder can be manufactured with additives such as polymer to achieve a more durable grade of binder as well as grades for improved performance in colder climates. Current grades that are commonly supplied PG 52-40, PG 52V-40, PG 52E-40, PG 58E-34, PG 64E-40.
PG (Performance Grade), meeting requirements of AASHTO M320 &/or M332 and State of Alaska DOT &PF specifications.

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tack coat

We provide tack coat for application on an existing asphalt surface before placing new asphalt pavement or cold-mix asphalt on top. Tack can be purchased in bulk or loaded into your distributor truck or container.

For large jobs we can deliver to your project location or provide a quote to apply tack with one of our distributor trucks. For smaller projects we sell it in 5 gallon buckets. Our common tack coats are STE-1 and CSS-1.

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Joint Adhesive

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Joint Adhesive

RP Joint Adhesive – longitudinal paving Joints; meets State of Alaska DOT&PF Standard Specifications and is on the Qualified Products List. RP joint adhesive provides excellent results for extending longitudinal joint life expectancy, providing a well bonded joint between adjacent pavement panels.