surface treatments

We manufacture and supply emulsions for chip seal and high float surface
treatments. Government maintenance and operations commonly use surface treatments. Surface
treatments are a thinner layer than pavement and highly flexible for some of Alaska’s heaving roads.
Surface treatments are also used for friction courses and for preserving newer pavement.

our surface treatment products

Asphalt surface treatments are found on most of Alaska’s highways, urban, and rural roads. With over 30 years of experience in surface treatments, many of the roads and highways that span across Alaska have been treated or paved with Emulsion Products’ materials. Surface treatments are used as a stand-alone surface on low volume roads or as preservation and rehabilitation on existing asphalt surfaces.

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Chip seal Surface Treatment


Chip seals promote quality endurance, elasticity, and friction. A first layer of asphalt binder or emulsion is applied over a surface followed by a clean, angular, medium aggregate chip. The layer is then cured, excess aggregate is removed, and the second layer of asphalt binder or emulsion is applied followed by a clean, angular, small chip.
Chip Seal Emulsion: CRS-2P
Hot Applied Chip Seal Binder: PG 58-34

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High Float Surface Treatment

High float surface treatments provide an exceptionally flexible, drivable road covering. This application consists of a single layer of high float emulsion and a well-graded aggregate. The base course material (D-1) is typically used to prepare the base but can also double as the cover aggregate on the emulsion. 

This product proves to provide an economical system when clean chip seal aggregates remain costly and in high-demand.
High Float Emulsion: HFMS-2 and HFMS-2S


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RAP (Recycled Asphalt Pavement) Surface Treatment

RAP treatments prevent raveling and deterioration. We offer top shoot application to both in place RAP and compacted RAP. It is generally recommended to complete this method a couple of times. Having us apply a treatment while placing and shaping the RAP deems to be most efficient in cost and time.
CSS-1 or GSB-78 to RAP surfaces



Treatment-RAP 003